Stream-Labs Vplay 3, Multiformat Playout-Software für AV und IP-Output

Stream-Labs Vplay 3, Multiformat  Playout-Software für AV und IP-Output
Stream-Labs Vplay 3, Multiformat  Playout-Software für AV und IP-Output
Hersteller: Stream Labs
Produkt: Stream-Labs VPlay
Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig
Ihr Preis: 990,00€ (1.148,40€ inkl. MwSt)

Playout Software für SD/HD Channels 

Multifunctional easy-to-use software for multichannel broadcasting and insertion of media data with simple graphics design abilities. Vplay supports all common types of input AV-signals and transport streams, and all widespread compression types and containers of media data. 


Main Features

  • Simultaneous and independent work of several broadcast/insertion channels(up to 4 SD channels per server);
  • Remote creation of schedule using convenient built-in editor;
  • Playback of all widespread video formats of media files within one playlist;
  • TV schedule editing during the playback;
  • Forward scheduling for unlimited number of days;
  • Control of external devices during playback according to the commands in playlist via RS-422/232/Ethernet interfaces;
  • GPI Inputs: 4-16 (COM Port);
  • SNMP protocol support;
  • Creation of individual multilayer graphics for every program including titles, background pictures, logos, static objects, animation, digital and analog clocks etc;
  • Possibility for addition of graphics to any video in a playlist using secondary events;
  • Video clips trimming and graphics design preview;
  • Simultaneous Multicast IP streaming and HD/SD/Composite output.

VPlay Server – this is server and core of the program. It works with circuit boards Blackmagic Decklink, IP input and output.

Supported outputs:

(depend on installed cards)

  • HD-SDI (Embedded audio)
  • SD-SDI (Embedded audio)
  • Composite/S-Video/YUV (Analog Audio: balanced/unbalanced
  • IP TS (MPEG 2, AVC/H264 scalable resolution 320-1080pixels, bitrates 1Mbit – 40Mbit)
  • HDMI (SD, 720p, 1080i, 1080p). 

Internet streaming 

Using VPlay3 software you can organize broadcasting to World Wide Web. 
Mostly broadcasters use Adobe Media Server, Windows Media Server or Wowza Streaming Engine. 
The general schema of broadcast to Internet consists of following steps: 
1.    Forming play-out in VPlay3. 
2.    Encoding outgoing video signal from Vplay3. For this purpose, you may use either free software Microsoft Expression Encoder or Adobe Flash Media Encoder. 
3.    Organizing internet broadcast. For Microsoft Expression you have to use Windows Media Server; for Adobe Flash Media Encoder you have to use Adobe Flash Server (these servers are paid products and not included in our package). These servers distribute streams to internet users. 
Conclusion. Step one and step two can be completed using our software (VPlay3) and free encoding software Microsoft Expression Encoder or Adobe Flash Media Encoder. 
Step three is yours responsibility. We do not provide support for media server configuration!!! 
If you want to setup broadcast to the internet, you have to resolve step three first. 
There are also another solutions for streaming stream to the internet: XSplit software and Wowza Streaming Engine. 
XSplit is a partially free live streaming software. You can create live stream to a wide variety of recipients.  XSplit Broadcaster works with all popular live stream providers –, Livestream, Twitch, UStream, Youtube. 
Wowza Streaming Engine is unified streaming media server software. Wowza Streaming Engine can provide streaming to various types of playback clients and devices simultaneously, including Adobe Flash player (Adobe RTMP, Adobe HDS), Microsoft Silverlight player, Apple QuickTime Player and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), 3GPP mobile phones (Android, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, etc.), IPTV set-top boxes (Amino, Enseo, Roku, Streamit and others), and game consoles such as Wii, Xbox, and PS3.

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