VTX - 4K Optical CCU + Kamera-Adapter für EFP

VTX - 4K Optical  CCU + Kamera-Adapter für EFP
VTX - 4K Optical  CCU + Kamera-Adapter für EFP VTX - 4K Optical  CCU + Kamera-Adapter für EFP VTX - 4K Optical  CCU + Kamera-Adapter für EFP
Hersteller: Vietex Media
Produkt: VTX - 4K Optical CCU+Kamera-Adapter for EFP
Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig
Ihr Preis: 8.650,00€ (10.293,50€ inkl. MwSt)

Verfügbare Optionen

* Intercom-Headset:

* Tally:

* Telemetrie:

* Ethernet-IP:

* Hybrid-Stecker:

Die erste 4K-CCU-Lösung für ENG-Kameras, basiert auf der neuesten Glasfasertechnologie, unterstützt alle gängigen Sterungsprotokolle: Sony RS-422, RS-232 und LANC. Set aus CCU, LWL-Schnittstellen und Kameradapter. Support Sony PXW Z450, PMW-F55. PMW-F5

1-Optical Camera Control Unit (OCCU)
- Video SDI In BNC/Return: 3G SDI, HD,  auto-detect, max Resolution 1920x1080P/60Hz  
- Video CCVS-in for Genlock or Prompter
- Video 4K SDI Out : 4 x   max Resolution 1920x1080P/60Hz
- Zusätzliche 3G-SDI out 
-Audio: analogue Audio : 20Hz-20Khz S/N: 80dB. 1 x XLR- Audio out (from Camera to CCU)
-Digitalaudio SDI embedded
-Tally: standard über RCP
-Tally optional Sub-D 9 Pin contact closure 2,00 m sec reaction
-Intercom: 3 x XLR:  PGM in + Komando in + Mic-out
-Remote Control Pane Sony-8 pinl: RX+/-, TX+/- (RS-422 protocol) and 12V DC, Optional RS-232 oder LANC
-Ethernet Optional) IEEE 802.3, Speed 10/100/1000 Mbps, Connector RJ-45, Auto MDI/MDI-X
-Power consumption: 90-260V AC 50/60 Hz, 15 W at autonomy operation on camera side and 100W at powered operation via hybrid cable)
-Mechanical Design: 1 HU Rack case 483mm x 255mm x  46mm, 4,00 Kg
-Optional: up to 4 x CCU in one 3HU chassis 
2-Optical chain 
-Support multi-mode and single-mode fibres. Hybrid broadcast cable from Draka or Belden,
-Optional tactical fibre cable with ST/PC connector
-Multi-Mode: Wave lenght: 1310/1470/1550 nm, optical power budget = 16dB, max Dist. 300m
-Single-Mode: Wave length: 1310/1470/1550 nm, optical power budget = 12dB, max Dist.  20 km
-The Optical Power Budget data fit Mulit-mode(62.5/125 m),Single-Mode(9/125 m). When using 50/125 m multimode fiber, subtract 3 dB from the optical power budget. 
-Connector for Hybrid cable Lemo EW-Series or Neutrik OpticalCon-Series
-Optional: ST/PC- Connector : for autonomy operation, without power from CCU 
3-Optical camera adapter (OCA)
- 4K Video In:  4 x SDI, HD, auto-detect, max. Resolution 1920x1080i/60Hz  
-Video out CCVS out Genlock or Prompter
-Video Out (Return) : SDI, HD, 3G, auto-detect, max. Resolution 1920x1080i/60Hz  
-Standard: SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M,SMPTE 259M 
-Internal Tally: integrated in the Sony RS422 signal
-Optional Tally : LED Red (On-Air)  + LED-Yellow (Standby)
-Headset: 3wires, 4 wires or 5 wires. Depending on pin layout from Beyerdynamics or Riedel
-Audio: Separate level control for program and command. Integrated low noise microphone pre-amplifier for semi- and professional headset
-Optional Audio Input and Output: -25 to + 6 dB, 20Hz-20Khz
-Power consumption at battery operation: 6W (12V 0,5A)
- Power supply für Camera. Prompter, Headlicht ...: 60W
-Mechanical design: 170mm H x 170mm W x 70mm D. Weight = 1,90 Kg (without battery)
-Operation temperature: - 40°c - + 50 °c
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