Matrox Convert DVI

Matrox Convert DVI
Matrox Convert DVI
Hersteller: Matrox
Produkt: Convert DVI
Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig
Ihr Preis: 999,00€ (1.188,81€ inkl. MwSt)

The Matrox Convert DVI family lets you convert high-resolution DVI sources into HD or SD video for broadcast, display, and recording. It takes your DVI output and converts it to high-quality SDI and analog video simultaneously. You get a variety of high-end features at a low price. Matrox Convert DVI lets you output your entire computer screen or focus on details in a region of interest of any size within the larger resolution. Genlock with timing offset controls, an advanced downscaling algorithm, a flicker reduction filter, and one-to-one pixel mapping ensure optimal quality and flexibility. Matrox Convert DVI is a multi-purpose device. It’s ideal for creating broadcast video from computer applications such as video games, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos, Google Earth animations, and web browser sessions. It’s a user-friendly way to create software application training videos. It’s the perfect appliance to drive projectors and large displays at live events and in houses of worship. And it’s a very low-cost HD preview monitoring solution for video editors using applications such as Avid Media Composer. In applications where the DVI signal is not coming from a computer, but from a camera or medical device for example, Matrox Convert DVI can operate independently of a PC to deliver SDI and analog video.

Video Input/Output
  • DVI-I (Digital) Input up to 1920 x 1200/60fps (max. resolution),DVI Output (loop out)
  • HDMI input and output (Via optional DVI male to HDMI female adaptor)
  • HD-/SD-Component Output
  • HD-/SD-SDI Output
  • Y/C and Composite Output
  • SD analog black burst (bi-level) or HD tri-level genlock with timing offset controls
Audio Input/Output
  • 3.5 mm stereo minijack input
  • Embedded SDI audio on SDI output
  • RCA audio output
Features (Convert DVI/DVI Plus)
  • Realtime hardware upscaling and downscaling with proper color space and aspect ratio conversion
  • Simultaneous analog and digital video output
  • Stand-alone mode with input detection of any resolution with conversion to a pre-programmed output resolution
  • Anti-flicker filter
  • SD pixel aspect ratio compensation
  • Customizable presets
  • Password protection
Extra Features (only Convert DVI Plus)
  • Region-of-interest support including panning with realtime output update and snap-to-window
  • Flexible scaling and positioning of the output using a live preview window
  • Background color selection including super black and super white for downstream keying applications
  • Hotkey-triggered output signal freeze/unfreeze
  • Graphic overlay of PNG or TGA files to add a custom logo or graphic to the output
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